A virtual exhibition organised

by the Federal Foreign Office

Women, Peace and Security

Peace processes to which women actively and substan­tially contribute are more sustain­able and more effec­tive. To empower women in peace processes, the UN Security Council passed Resolu­tion 1325 in the year 2000. Germany advocates on the ground, region­ally and in multi­lat­eral organ­i­sa­tions for the imple­men­ta­tion of the women, peace and security agenda with a view to bolstering women’s rights and strength­ening peace.

Message from
Foreign Minister Heiko Maas

Only when women play an equal role in working to prevent and resolve conflicts do the chances of achieving lasting peace increase. Here is Heiko Maas welcoming you to this exhibi­tion.

Agenda-Frauen, Frieden-und-Sicherheit

Women, Peace and Security Agenda

Women play an impor­tant role in the preven­tion and resolu­tion of armed conflicts, whether as human rights defenders under repres­sive regimes, as peace activists or as members of protest movements. Women advocate for peace in their commu­ni­ties, including in conflict zones and during peace processes. They move between fronts as inter­me­di­aries, create human­i­tarian corri­dors and negotiate with armed groups.

This stands in stark contrast to formal peace negoti­a­tions, in which, all too often, women are seldom involved.

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An overview of
the project locations

All over the world, the Federal Foreign Office supports female activists and organ­i­sa­tions in their efforts to prevent conflict and negotiate peace, to rebuild societies on an equal basis and distribute human­i­tarian assis­tance fairly, as well as to prevent sexual violence and promote gender-equitable peace missions. Click on the red marker to see where we support which project.

Project Videos

Who are the activists and organ­i­sa­tions that the Federal Foreign Office is supporting? These videos intro­duce five women repre­senting the full spectrum of these partners.

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